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Collar Collection was founded in mid 2020 during the COVID Pandemic. We decided to launch a one stop boutique for all dog products an owner could ever dream of.

Every single product is tested by our own pooches Gracie, Chico and Pippa (and a few of their best friends) to ensure that we only provide items of the highest quality. 

In late 2021 we decided to dedicate a lot of our time to sourcing unique products from individual creators from around the UK, allowing us to bring a range of handmade and handcrafted products to our platform. This was greatly inspired after attending The North East Dog Festival and meeting so many local businesses that we love and deserve recognition for their creative endeavours.


If you are a creator we would encourage you to drop us an email with a little about yourselves and your products to see if you would be perfect to join our network of creative individuals. 


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In 2021 Collar Collection was nominated for the Great British Pivot Entrepreneur of the North East Award. We had an amazing trip down to London for the event. We met a lot of incredible businesses and although we did not win it was incredible to be nominated and to have be networking with some of the greatest UK entrepreneurs such as the creators of Dr Paw Paw, Little Moons and Snuggy. 

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Throughout 2021 we have witnessed charities struggle more than ever. As a business we want to help where we can. As of January 1st 2022 for every £8 spent on our website we will be donating a toy, treat or wellbeing product to a local dog rescue & rehoming centres. We appreciate any support of this scheme and to keep updated please do take a look at our instagram account @collarcollectionshop

January 2022- Dogs Trust Darlington

5x Dog Beds

15x Lickimats 

30x Barking Bakery Pupcorns

26x Germfree Pet Wipes Travel Packs

8x Lambs Tails

6x Jumbo Eye Wipes