KarmaWrap Works To Reduce Dog Anxiety Because Like Giving A Hug Or Swaddling A Baby, The Constant Gentle Pressure Applied Around Your Dog’s Chest And Torso Helps Him/her Feel Safe And Secure. With This Wonderfully Induced Sense Of Security He/she Feels Calmer And Displays Amazingly Quieter And More Relaxed Behaviour. Helps To Reduce Dog Anxiety And Calm A Dog When Troubled With:Noise Anxiety, Car, Crate Or Travel Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, Firework Or Thunderstorm Anxiety, Continuous Or Anti-Social Barking, Aggressive Tendency Behaviours, Lead Pulling, Compulsive Or Repetitive Motion Disorder. Safe And Simple To Fit And Easily Adjust, Water Resistant, Antifungal And Antibacterial. Machine Washable At 40°C And 100% Made In Great Britain. KarmaWrap Is Available In Different Sizes. To Ensure Correct Size For Your Dog, Measure Completely Around The Chest, Just Behind The Front Legs

Karma Wrap